Barn, Mandola fountain, McKinney Falls.

By: Robert McArthur

Apr 27 2010

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Category: Watercolor


Focal Length:14.303mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS

The old barn (15X22):

Mandola’s fountain (22×15)—-watercolor crayons:

Cypress at McKinney Falls State Park , Austin. (22×15):






3 comments on “Barn, Mandola fountain, McKinney Falls.”

  1. All of these are very skilled paintings. With “Zion” I really like the color scheme, the composition and the way you were able to make the second cliff face recede. The only question I have is whether the detail is crisp enough? I don’t know and art is so subjective. What brand of watercolor crayons are you using? Do you color on the paper or do you wet the crayon and paint from the dissolved paint? I am just starting to use the crayons and am a little puzzled.

  2. The bird and the birdbath is so cool! I also like the barn with the light glowing out the back door. Nice paintings!

  3. It will be a good entry, The rocks,shadows,colors all work for me.A really good painting!

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