Old Masonic Lodge, Georgetown, Texas

By: Robert McArthur

May 20 2011

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Category: Watercolor


Focal Length:7.23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS

Early yesterday morning, I, along with four others from Plein Air Austin, met at the courthouse in Georgetown.  We each independently decided to paint the old Masonic Lodge across the street.  Though the overcast sky was threatening rain, the sun peeped out ( or rather through the clouds) for a brief instant and so I decided to go for that image, albeit I would be working  from memory.  The sketch took perhaps an hour on the 22 X15 half sheet that I habitually employ.  I was just beginning the sky wet in wet when a distracting interruption came.  It lasted just long enough for my timing to be lost because the paper had begun to dry.  Rattled, I packed up and went home.  This morning, Friday, I returned just after sunrise and completed the painting.  Fortunately, the atmospherics were exactly the same.  The sun even made a cameo appearance to refresh my memory.   Perhaps the trickiest part of the painting was to get the  accurate value of the tower and indicate its actual colors without these colors becoming over stated.


3 comments on “Old Masonic Lodge, Georgetown, Texas”

  1. That’s it exactly! You got the values perfectly. Looking at my version of it I see I missed the values pretty badly. Good job.

  2. Lovely! Looks Russian with that sort of onion-y looking turret.

  3. Expressive with just the right amount of looseness.

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