Dawn River


15 X 22


22 comments on “Dawn River”

  1. Oooooo, so lovely. It’s like a dream.

  2. This is wonderful, you make watercolor look so effortless!

  3. A very special painting Robert – love the atmosphere.

  4. So lovely…the haze…love it.

  5. Beautiful, dreamy quality to your painting. Love it! Marian

  6. This is amazing! Looks so peaceful.

  7. This is breathtaking! I can almost smell the air, it is so alive

  8. Thank you.
    Yes, it is a lot like cooking.
    Once you get it, it isn’t too hard but you have to follow receipes at first
    and then progress through trial and error.

  9. One can really feel the mood of the day. It’s hard to make those beigy-browny tinged clouds we see in the sky look nice, and I think it works in this painting as it’s balanced with the grass tones.

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