Dracula’s Castle — Three Views

By: Robert McArthur

Jan 01 2016

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Category: landscape


Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec




Bran Castle, aka Vlad the Impaler’s castle, aka, Dracula’s Castle.

Near Brasov, Transylvania, Romania.

Count Vlad is known as the impaler because he lit his feast with humans impaled on pikes and set ablaze.

Count Vlad  may have been the real life inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the Romanians have traditionally hailed him as a hero because his victims were mainly invaders.

Bram castle remains a vital tourist attraction in Brasov.

Regarding the paintings, these are studies in complementary vs analagous colors.  The first uses the complements of orange red and blue green.  The second employs analogous reds and the third, analogous blues.

Which color scheme do you prefer?




2 comments on “Dracula’s Castle — Three Views”

  1. Aesthetically, I prefer the first one. But given the guy’s propensity for blood, maybe the second one is more appropriate!

  2. I prefer the third one but really like the first one too. Thank you for the interesting historical information as well. Perhaps old Vlad has been misunderstood.

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