Sketchbook: Lena

By: Robert McArthur

Jan 24 2016

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Category: Sketchbook

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


I have decided, for a while, to document my sketchbook work rather than paintings.  I really enjoy the sketchbook, creating as it does a different look because of the smaller size (9×12), the lower quality paper (forces immediacy of brush stroke), and the use of carbon pencil and watercolor crayons.  The sketchbook allows one to make art in more casual, less pressured ways.  I for one like to create work that displays the creative process.  The sketchbook is a great vehicle for this.  You can visualize exactly each stroke of the pencil and brush.

Yesterday morning Lena posed for our group.  She is slender, with angular face and figure.  Her hair is dyed a bright yellow with magenta and orange accents. Thus the colors are more or less accurate!

The second, quickly executed, whimsical image is in watercolor crayon.






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