By: Robert McArthur

Feb 27 2016

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Category: art, figure, Life drawing, Nude, painting, Portrait, Watercolor, watercolour

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

24 X 18

I actually am pleased with the way this keeps the drawing lines and uses the color to enhance the feel of the drawing. Some early Picassos do this (albeit much better, of course).

As the artist, this approach speaks to me, because, in my work, I am engaged in an  effort to unveil the creative process, to allow the viewer direct access to the steps of the creative process by not concealing my tracks.  I am looking, rather, for ways to boldly display the process, so the viewer can mentally redraw and repaint the painting as he views it.

When I stand before the works of Monet for instance, or the abstract expressionist Franz Kline, I find myself gazing lengthily, and in my imagination placing each brush stroke anew.

For me, that is the true gift of art, to allow the viewer to vicariously participate in the creation of the work of art.


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