Sunday I saw the Egon Schiele exhibits at the Upper Belvedere and at the Leopold  museums in Vienna. These were eye openers. I’ve always been a bit uncertain about my use of hard charcoal outlines in watercolor paintings. I do it, but have always been unsure re.  the effect, mainly because all of my old teachers loathed this technique, preferring lost and found edges. Well, Schiele’s great works such as The Embrace are effective because of the emphatic outline they employ.   I prefer this approach myself perhaps because it allows greater freedom within the outlined form and does not dictate a strong value change for the background, as must be employed when not using the outline.


One comment on “Scarlet”

  1. I think it works for you here!
    Robert, your explanation makes me think it would be interesting to do both – on a different subject maybe a still life, and compare the results.

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