Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Watercolor Artist from Austin, Texas, USA. I teach watercolor classes at the Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd.

All paintings in this blog are copyright protected and are the sole property of the artist. No paintings may be copied, reproduced, or otherwise appropriated without the written consent of Robert McArthur, the artist.

These paintings are available for purchase.
Inquire: rtmca “at” yahoo “dot” com

Or phone me at (512) 767-8285


22 comments on “About”

  1. Watercolor Artist, Austin, Texas

  2. Robert,

    These are amazing…….. So much talent in one human being.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mary Noack
    McCallum High School

  3. Nice work, Robert, and belated compliments to you on your blog. I hope to catch up with you at the next paint out. Keep up the great work. -Baron

  4. Hello Robert, remember me? Its Andrea from Yangshuo. Just got to see your paintings. They are really great! Harry likes them, too. Will you put any of the scenic mountains from China that you painted on your website?

  5. Hi Robert, how are you and Jean? Trust that you are both well. I have just had a minute to look at your pictures. The one from Yangshuo is really great!!!!!!

  6. Hello Robert; for some reason your latest post on sea shores cannot be seen. Did something go wrong with the post? Cheers and happy new year.

  7. Hi Robert, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Beautiful work!

  8. Nice work here. Thank you for following me at Lemon’s Tree.

  9. Really loving your work, Robert. Always exploring, with wonderful results!

  10. Hello nice work. How long have you been doing watercolor / art for? I have been thinking about adding watercolors for backgrounds and maybe doing a series water color only. Do you have any resources, advice for a novice?

    • Hi, I have two suggestions, one about materials and the other about approach.
      First, though with other media high quality materials are a much to be desired luxury, with watercolor the best materials are a necessity. If you skimp on paper or paint the results are usually disappointing in a totally disproportionate way. Simply put, cheap materials work against you while high quality materials work for you.
      I suggest using only artist grade tube paints from sources such as Maimeriblu, Windsor and Newton, davinci, sennelier, m. Graham, Daniel smith, or schmicke. I use Maimeriblu tube Watercolors. Start out with a basic palette of two yellows, two reds and two blues. Use only Acrches cold pressed paper to be safe. Princeton 4050 series brushes or Robert Simmons white sable brushes are relatively inexpensive but of great quality

      Regarding approach, my suggestion is to go to You tube and search for the subject you want to paint tagged with “watercolor”. There are many great and not so great demos on you tube. After you watch a few you will be able to tell which ones are useful and which ones suck.
      My best, Robert

  11. Robert,
    I look forward to your art demo fot Austin Pallette Club this Tuesday. Your paintings are lovely.

  12. Nice to see the lovely watercolor paintings of you, thanks for the follow and I wish you a good day!

  13. I am extremely interested I buying a picture from Bas Concert Hall. Left info there. Really hoping this works out.

    Susan Harris
    202 E. 34th Steet A
    Austin, Texas 78759

    Thanks. Waiting patiently to hear from you.

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